Why I don’t want to motivate you

Anjal Binayak Adhikari
3 min readJun 17, 2021


Lately, I come to realize that motivation is vague. It’s completely useless and is empty words.

A few months back, I met a person. He is extremely engaged in what he does. That man is full of wisdom. He speaks rarely. Whenever he speaks, he spurts truth. I was intimately inspired by that man.

I asked him if he would mentor me. He said, “I won’t tell you what to do, I will tell you the truth. Henceforth, whatever I tell you is a lie for you to follow, and truth for you to realize sincerely”

I didn't understand what he said. But I agreed certainly. I started talking to him every day. I started asking him questions that were bothering me for a long time.

He would answer everything I asked him. His answers would seem absurd to comprehend but very calming to realize wholeheartedly.

Here is part of the conversation from our chat. Q = question asked by me. A = Answered by him.

Q: Why are some people lazy and some are driven?

A: Who told you people are lazy and some people are driven?

Q: What’s to be told? You can see some people motivated and working hard and some always lazy as sloth and not doing anything.

A: People are lazy for things that don’t move them.

Q: What do you mean?

A: Are you lazy to eat food when you are starving?

Q: That is completely irrelevant to this situation. Eating food is the primary need of human beings.

A: Yes, you got it. You don’t need the motivation to eat food because that is your innate desire.

Q: What so anyone motivated is because of their innate desire?

A: Yes, It cannot be otherwise. You cannot persist in the things which don’t satisfy you. It’s a matter of time, you will stop doing those things.

Q: So, How to create a desire?

A: The funny thing is you don’t have to. It's already in you. You just have to find it.

Q: How can a person find it?

A: Through Sincere Introspection not influenced by any prescriptions.

You see, Man is moved by something. You don’t have to motivate him to do that thing. Because he will do it himself. Motivation is infused in his blood for things that move him.

I cannot motivate you to do something against your will. That will lead to lifetime misery for you. If something doesn't move you, it simply doesn't.

The greatest “success” in someone’s life is to find the thing that truly moves him. That thing won’t feel like work to him. It will be a play to him.

No one can compete with him, because others are working and he is playing. You cannot work 7–8hrs/day. But you can easily play.

Thereby, I don’t want to motivate you.



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