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Let us jump straight to the point. As I can acknowledge, there are two ways of doing things.

  1. Art
  2. Passion


Art is fingertips having a brain. Art is the thing done for the sake of doing. There is no ulterior motive or external motivation.

If creation is not fueled by any motivation then, it ends up being terrific, and staggering.

Most terrific arts are created when the artist is in the Zone(Mindless state). The Zone is the state where the artist(the person creating art) is absent.

Zone: You focus on something at such an intensity, you completely immerse yourself in it. You lose yourself in it.

After the completion of the art, even the artist is astonished as other people looking at his art. Because when creating it, he wasn’t even there. Thus, he doesn’t know how he did it.

The zone is a state of perfection


Passion is motivation to do something, by constantly keeping eyes on the end goal.

Working your ass off because you want to buy a house. You may or may not enjoy working but the end goal is so enticing that you are always fueled. Passion can make you a productivity machine.

You can work 10 hours/day without even breaking. You enjoy the work. You can’t help but think of your end goal. You always keep fantasizing about your end goal being accomplished.

Passion is an awesome tool that requires no external motivation. You are motivated 24/7. You are excited to wake up every morning. You cannot wait to work.

This is what everyone craves. The feeling of excitement every day. If you are passionate about something, you are always excited and love your work.

Mixing Passion and Art

I call it contamination of Love.

This is the heart of this article. I wanted to write about this because I wanted to address something which I became lately aware of.

Let me share with you a short story of a friend of mine.

Nasim was obsessed with programming. He used to create software. He loved it and spent most of the time creating software. So after sometime, he joined a software company. He started working there. His love for programming eluded. He left the company and was no more interested in programming.

He later became aware of the differences between art and passion. At first he was programming for programming sake. But after joining the company, he was forced to create something. And his end goal was Money(Salary).

That slowly turned his love for art into something he never wanted to do again. He rarely programs now.

Confusing art with passion can be dangerous. Art is the purest form of creation. It is priceless. If it is motivated by something else, then the originality of art fades.

So before monetizing “do what you love”. Think twice. Because you may never want to do it again in your life.

Truth Seeker