3 Habits to SkyRocket Your Career | By Anjal Binayak

Top 3 Habits That Will SkyRocket Your Career

I have been a web developer for the past 8 years.

And the most growth I have witnessed occurred in the last 6 months.

And all that gains were made by 3 simple habits, I formed in the last 6 months.

Before I tell you those 3 habits, I would like to share with you my Twitter profile, where I consistently share interesting content.

Those 3 habits are:

  1. Cold Outreach:
    I developed the habit of sending 10 emails and 10 DMs per day. I was pretty shocked at the results of sending those few lines of mail to strangers. Whenever I saw someone winning something, I congratulated them on Dm. Whenever I saw a bad copy, I suggested I could write a better copy for their product.
    And Yes, at the beginning 95% of my messages and emails were ignored. But those few replies changed the direction of my life. I landed my first client through cold outreach. I now have a network of Copywriters, Web Developers, and Influencers who are happy to help me because of the friendship I formed.
  2. Creating Content:
    The one who holds the attention has the power. The only way to hold the attention of the world is through content. The more valuable content you create, the more attention you get.
    Creating content online :
    — builds Authority
    — increases Credibility
    — gains Trust
    Create content around your niche. People will start engaging with your content. You meet like-minded people and can grow together. People have skyrocketed in their profession just by creating valuable content consistently.
  3. Blending Skills:
    The most valuable skill is not a single skill, but a combination of multiple skills. A blend of multiple skills unlocks high-income levels.
    If you only have a single skill, you will only be recruited for low-income jobs.
    Blend your skill and become a Ninja.
    If you are a web developer, learn writing, SEOs
    If you are a web designer, learn copywriting, write blog posts
    If you are an online writer, learn sales

Blending 2 skills is a good start. Once you start blending 3–4 skills, your skills become insanely valuable and will be in high demand.

These 3 habits, if you note them and execute them consistently for 6 months. I guarantee you, your life will change for Good.

Follow the 3 advice I have given you and see how good life can get.

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Anjal Binayak

Anjal Binayak

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