Read This Before Buying A New Course

If you teach a man, he will never learn

This quote cannot be more true. You will never learn anything by being taught.

I’ve seen a lot of people buying courses, reading ebooks with the hope of learning something, and becoming hopelessly demotivated if they don’t get results in the first few tries.

I am not saying that courses are scams or they don’t work. In fact, they are immensely valuable.

The creator of the courses has poured years of experience, thousands of iterations, hours of writing, and zipped it into a single book.

But skill is a different thing. Our brain does not obtain skills by reading a book or courses.

Our brain learns skills by the process of doing. Iterating over and over hundreds of thousand times.

Developing a mastery of a skill requires very tiny information to the brain. Those requirements are so tiny that they can be easily obliterated by the course creator in their course.

In fact, the performer even does not know how he performs the skill which he has mastered with hours and hours of practice.

The skill development process is the combination of 1000s of trial and error, that we can’t keep track of consciously but is accessed without one’s control when the skill is performed.


The course can always be a roadmap for learning a skill, but you never actually learn unless you perform trial and error hundred of thousand of times.

Before buying a new course remember no number of new courses can substitute doing it yourself.

There is not learn by reading, there is only learn by doing



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Anjal Binayak

Anjal Binayak

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