Paradigm Shift: Result Based Approach

The “Entrepreneurship” definition has changed last few years. Many young people are “hustling” to achieve their dream. “Hustling”, whatever that means, is considered cool among teens.

“I work 70 hours/day”, “I work 80 hours/day”. Phrases like these are used to brag among peers and show off. If you feel good about working certain hours/week, then my friend, this article is going to be an eye-opener for you.

What is Entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurship is building products that best fit the market and solves people’s problem.

What is “Entrepreneurship”?
Not-Entrepreneurship is about doing everything that is done by a typical entrepreneur except for building the products.

If your definition of entrepreneurship matches the definition of “entrepreneurship” then you are in another dimension. Some qualities of these fake entrepreneurship’s dimension are:

  • Unnecessary Meetings
  • No market-fit product
  • Progress measured based on hours-worked

TLDR; No Product.

It is easy to fall into trap of this “Entrepreneurship” of our societal construct. Movies, Ads show that Entrepreneurs work 80 hours/week. They mostly do meetings to discuss ideas.

Yes, they surely do all of these. But that is not the whole axiom.

Entrepreneur’s work is to design, develop, produce and market the Product.
They follow a Product-based approach. Everything they do revolves around the nucleus of entrepreneurship i.e; Product.

The Resume of entrepreneurs is the Product they build. This is the mindset every aspiring entrepreneur should keep in mind when being part of an entrepreneur's cult.

The person who wants to succeed always follows a result-based approach.

The person who wants to show they worked hard always follows a hustle-based approach. Because it allows them to enjoy the luxury of self-pity if they fail.

Truth Seeker