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Motivation chase is a non-starter

Motivation is derived from the word ‘Motive’. Motive means desire, the need of an individual to go after something.

You are thirsty. Do you need the motivation to drink water? No, Because it is your need.

After drinking water, your body is hydrated. It feels good.

Remember, You don’t drink water because your body needs it. You drink it because you feel good after drinking water. You are satisfied.

The same is with the work you want to do but lack the motivation to do it.

Imagine, You are thirsty and you eat chocolate. How much does it help?

Nada, You may enjoy chocolate when your primary needs are met. But when you lack primary needs, nothing else satisfies you.

Every homo sapiens have a sincere desire unless you are buddha. Have a look at the word “sincere”. Let me explain what it means

Your desire is not your own desire

You wake up. You open social media. You scroll all day long. You talk with your family. You play games. You hang out with your friends. You watch youtube. You sleep.

You see, are constantly checking up on the world around you and you don’t care about the world inside you. All day long you hear this noise. Your social media is filled with the “lifestyle” of your friends. Your family discusses business or even worse “news or current political events”. Your friend talks about their favourite sports team or the game they watched recently.

These all noises are constantly numbing the sound inside of you.

You are born, you are engineered socially. Study first 20 years. Marry at 25. Suppress your all desire and spend 40 years working 9–5 your dead-end job.

You see around everyone is working 9–5. Your father did. Your mother did. Your friends are planning to do it. Why not you?
The easiest way to manipulate the individual is to put him in a group

Own Your Desires

You have to have your desires or else you will spend your life working for those who had their own desires. You have constantly muted the sound inside of you whenever it tried to tell you something.

The only way is to louden the sound inside you. You can do it by muting all the noise outside of you.

Turn off the world. Don’t use social media until you know what you really want. Don’t listen to the news. Rarely Hang out with your friends. Spend the majority of your time introspecting yourself.

This sounds hard. Because we are a social animal. Engaging with others is in our genes. You (all human beings) fear being alone. That is because in the primitive age if you were alone then brute would kill you.

But now, there is no possibility for that. So hard as it is. You stay alone introspecting yourself. Limit social interaction. Journal Your thoughts. Write how you feel. And the sound inside you will be clearer to you.

And the thing you want to do even after limiting your social interaction is the thing you “sincerely” want to do.

The thing you learn even if you could never teach to others is your sincere curiosity.

The work you do even if no one pays you for doing it is your sincere Desire.

Your sincere desire does not feel like work to you. You don’t realize the time passing. You will be in complete FLOW.

You will never ever need the motivation to do it. Because whatever needs outside motivation, it's only a matter of time, you won’t be able to continue doing it, at least with genuine desire.

You are not seeking motivation, you are seeking the voice inside of you

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