$Zero Dollar Startup | Anjal Binayak

How to build a tech startup with $0 Spent — Steal This Strategy Before It Obliterates

You don’t need to know coding to build Software.,

It is hard to believe.
Even harder when you spend years learning coding, like me.

I have been a web developer for more than eight years now.

I have built web apps with languages like PHP, Django & React.

But it's 2022, and now you don’t need to know coding to build web apps like before.

No code Tools

As the name suggests, no code tools are software that allows you to build software without prior knowledge of coding.

If you have the right set of no-code tools in your no-code stack, then you will build apps tailored to your needs without writing a single line of code.

Yes, it is amazing.

Now everyone with an idea can create an app.

There is simply no obligation not to build an app now.

Finding the right set of no-code tools can be hard.

I have researched 100+ hours searching for tools (that are completely FREE) to build a startup for Zero dollars.

Get the tools 👉 here

Here are three no-code tools you must know about


Carrd is a landing-page building platform. It allows you to create a mobile-responsive, single-page webpage.

Its lets you add elements to the page with drag-and-drop.

It can be used to build Product Pages, Landing Pages, Portfolio Sites, Resource Page, etc.

Url: https://carrd.co/


Webflow lets you create more complex websites than carrd.

It has CMS(Content Management System) for storing and serving dynamic content.

Since it has CMS, it can be used to create Blog Websites, E-Commerce Websites, etc.

Url: https://webflow.com/


Bubble.io lets you create more complex websites than webflow.

Url: https://bubble.io/

These three tools will help you get started.

Here’s More

These three tools above will set up the foundation for building and hosting an app.

But you need more things to integrate into your app.

You need an Email Sending Tool, SEO Tool, Marketing Tool, Hosting Tool, Backend Tool, Authentication Provider, and so on.

If you want tools to build your startup with $0, check this list of 100+ tools For Building SaaS.

If you are a non-technical person and have no idea about building and launching successful startup (SaaS).

👉 Check this Guide Zero To Launch Startup Guide



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