Freelancing isn’t dead, your strategy is

If you follow these steps, it is IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL

Freelance ♥

I signed up in Upwork 5 months ago. I created 4 fiver gigs stating my services. I sent 50+ proposals in Upwork, still, I got 0 clients.

It was demotivating. I thought that freelancing just wasn’t for me.

So, I just stopped sending proposals.

I started engaging on social media with bigger accounts just for fun, with no ulterior agenda.

After I started engaging with others, people started noticing me.

That week, I gained 30+ followers.

I built an email list by providing value just for free.

I started writing on medium about the topics I was interested in i.e; web development

I offered to create a landing page in my email list, 5 people were interested, I am working for 3 of them.

I am getting offers to promote their product in my articles and email list.

One of my Twitter followers is a Startup Founder, he offered me a Job on his startup as a React Developer.

It was difficult for me to get a Job on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr. But I changed my strategy.

Here’s some take away you can take from my freelancing Journey:

  1. Engage with others in your niche
  2. Provide value for free online
  3. write articles about topics in your niche
  4. Outreach and send tons and tons of cold emails (!important)

If you follow this steps, it is IMPOSSIBLE TO FAIL




Creator ✍ | Freelancer Writer + Web Developer |

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Anjal Binayak

Anjal Binayak

Creator ✍ | Freelancer Writer + Web Developer |

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