Developer Tools: A list of tools to maximize web developer’s Productivity

⭐ Introduction

Hey folks,

I have collected tools that are frequently needed in the development and zipped them into a single website.

This project was motivated by Hackathon ft Hashnode & Netlify.

🛠 Tech Stack behind this Project

🌊 How to use this APP

Using this app is very easy.

You simply go to the website, click on the tool you want to use, and that’s it.

🚢 Features

Although, this app is launched recently. It has some useful features to start with.

This app allows you to

  • Convert Image into String
  • Encode / Decode URLs
  • Convert query strings into JSON
  • & many more coming SOON

We have also added dark mode to the website to make it more attractive 😋

✅ Quality of Code

We used Prettier to format the code.

The UI of this app is responsive. Users won’t have any trouble accessing this website on mobile or tablet devices.

🚀 Netlify

Netlify is an all-in-one platform for creating web projects, hosting them, and scaling them with minimal effort.

Millions of developers use Netlify to create, deploy and ship their MVP faster 🚀

🔉 Upcoming Updates

Right now, there are only a few tools on this website but this is not an end.

We have planned a few features for making this website more useful to developers.

  • Additional Tools will be added

If you want us to add any additional tool, you can create an issue here

🔗 Important Links

This article was originally published at Hashnode.

I am Anjal Binayak. Thanks for reading my article.



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