Comfort zone — Growth Inverted

Uncomfortable is the state of being uneasy. On a biological level, it is something your brain has not yet determined the pattern of and is a low or none gratifying task in the short term.

Doing uncomfortable things can be non-gratifying or low gratifying in present. But in the long run, It makes us more confident, humble, and reliable.

Comfort Zone

The Comfort zone is the human’s greatest enemy. The Comfort zone means settling for what is. and not working for what can be.
Watching Television instead of writing, Watching Porn instead of meeting new people, mindless scrolling instead of reading articles, blogs are some examples of staying in the comfort zone.

The Comfort zone is different for different individuals. Suppose I am an extreme introvert but I do write a lot of articles. So not meeting new people is comfort for me.

And suppose you are an extreme extrovert. You can easily introduce yourself to the stranger but you do a lot of binge-watching. So the binging series is a comfort zone for ya. So I should start meeting new people and you should build the discipline of writing every day. and push our limits.

Advantages of getting out of comfort zone

  • More Opportunities
    Getting out of your comfort zone and doing things that scare you leads you to get new opportunities. Suppose socializing is not your thing. Meeting new people and introducing yourself to them helps to grow your network. And Larger the network more the opportunities. And if you are already comfortable socializing then you are good.

This could not be more true. You get to know about you more. Getting out of your comfort zone also leads sometimes finding the meaning of life i.e.; purpose.
You never know what you love or what drives you until you try out new things.

  • Wider Perspective
    Having a wider perspective is a sign of maturity. You try out new things, You get yourself with different people, situations, places. Your vision of the world gets molded. You understand people. You remain calm in any situation because you have been through it or at least you know that panicking does not solve the problem instead enlarges it.

These advantages. Are they easier to ignore? I think staying in your comfort zone and feeling safe will cost you a fortune(Your best version).
Don’t settle for mediocrity. You should be envying your own life. Here is how you start

How to get out of your comfort zone?

You could easily go and start doing things that scares you but if you still need a call to action then, here you have it.

  • Write down your self-limiting beliefs
    It may sound like a formality point. but writing things really help to create mental clarity and a roadmap before starting any project. And this is the greatest project you will be ever working on i.e. you

Here all help you got is only a simple trigger and acknowledgment of the advantages of stepping out of your comfort zone. The rest of all is up to you. You got to make a call.

  • Seek a long and deep conversation with someone that holds radically different opinions from your own

These all may be examples of uncomfortable situations for someone. The list is completely dynamic depending on the individual.


Your comfort zone will keep you safe forever in your mediocrity. It is your call to make whether or not to step out of it. Remember Growth lies at the end of your comfort zone. The world has an infinite number of resources, opportunities for ya. Living on automation will not get you those opportunities. Kill your comfort and feel alive.

Originally published at on October 22, 2020.

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