Civilization is the story told over and over again

We humans, always need a story to tell ourselves. Fair Enough. If we don’t have a story, our heads will explode with overwhelming alienated feelings.

We have created different stories to tell ourselves from our creation to death and sometimes even the afterlife.

These stories turned out to be useful. Because nowhere in history have more than 150 sapiens formed groups and cooperated with each other. It's this myth, stories we were told, that we are capable of tolerating more than 150 people and cooperating with them.

To be precise. For people to be in a group. There must be a story that they believe in.

For people to work together, and invest their money. A story of “Corporation” was sold.

For people to gather and hope for a better life. A story of “Religion” was sold.

For people to unite and fight for their virtues, A story of “Human Rights” was sold.

These all stories when looked upon have no logical basis of sustenance. These were myths sold to apes that led to the foundation of modern society armed with technology.

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