Choices — Dimensions of Life

One thing and only one thing is the direct cause of where you are i.e; Choices.

I like to call the choice, the Dimension of life. Each choice you make switches you to another dimension.

What you choose to consume, who you choose to follow, who you choose to sleep with, who you choose to marry, how you choose to interpret events of life, what you choose to become, what you choose to study.

Entering one door, removes possibility of entering other neighbor doors.

These all things open a dimension in life. And the dimension you enter will close access to other similar dimensions of life.

for eg: If you choose to marry Sophia , you cannot marry Anusha. (unless..😉)

And marrying Sophia has a direct impact on your upcoming life.

PS: I don’t know who is Sophia. Anusha is my friend though.

Where Am I Now?

If you find yourself wondering “How did I get here?”. Quickly Reframe your question as “What choices led me here?”.

If you are happy or sad, poor or rich, kind or bitch. Don’t blame anyone. Judge your Choices.

It is easier to believe in fate and because it helps us forsake control of our life. It is so easier to let it happen than to make it happen.

Every time you bitch about being obese. Inspect your eating choices.
Every time you pick up a doughnut, you have a choice not to.
Every morning instead of scrolling social media, you have a choice to work out.

But no, Bitching is easy. You have so many things to blame. Your genes, environment, everything but you.

Don’t make treasonous choice that is irreversible in nature. Treasonous choices are the choices that lead to Ruin.
eg: Going to Jail, Impregnating a girl you don’t want to marry.

Effectiveness of Choices

Suppose a meteor, 100000 km far is heading toward earth. If it is tilted 1 degree. It will not touch the earth. But if it has arrived 50000 km closer to earth, 1-degree tilting will not have any effect. It must be tilted somewhat 10–20 degrees.

Choices too, when made at the wrong time, have no tangible effects.

Choices have different effects throughout our life. Choices are most effective at our young age. It is at maximum horsepower at a young age.

The older you get, the less effective your choices become. They become little or of no effects. The horsepower of choice have eroded with the ageing process.

But its okay. I don’t think any old individual is reading this article. No old individual think’s “I am gonna change my life”. They only reflect on their memories(consequences of choices) they made.

Note: Don’t show this articles to any old individual

The environment we live in our childhood has a profound impact on our life. We will always seek a similar environment throughout our life.

We are not responsible for our childhood choice's consequences, we had almost no control during those days. But it is 100% responsibility to fix it when we become aware of it and its impact on our life.

I hope this article will be a kickstart for your decision of owning your choices.

The Illusion of Time

“But No, They say that time fixes everything. My life is gonna change”. If this is what you believe then you are postponding your awareness.

Time is an illusion. We don’t have control over anything except “Now”. TBH, we don’t have control over Now too. We can only use this “Now” to control the choice that we are permitted to make.

If you have a vision or a goal in life. Make sure your choices matches your goal.

Because in the end, we don’t have control over life. But we do have control over our choices which manifests our life

Truth Seeker