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Let us jump straight to the point. As I can acknowledge, there are two ways of doing things.


Art is fingertips having a brain. Art is the thing done for the sake of doing. There is no ulterior motive or external motivation.

If creation is not fueled by any motivation then, it ends up being terrific, and staggering.

Most terrific arts are created when the artist is in the Zone(Mindless state). The Zone is the state where the artist(the person creating art) is absent.

Zone: You focus on something at such an intensity, you completely immerse yourself in…

Choices — Dimensions of Life

One thing and only one thing is the direct cause of where you are i.e; Choices.

I like to call the choice, the Dimension of life. Each choice you make switches you to another dimension.

What you choose to consume, who you choose to follow, who you choose to sleep with, who you choose to marry, how you choose to interpret events of life, what you choose to become, what you choose to study.

The “Entrepreneurship” definition has changed last few years. Many young people are “hustling” to achieve their dream. “Hustling”, whatever that means, is considered cool among teens.

“I work 70 hours/day”, “I work 80 hours/day”. Phrases like these are used to brag among peers and show off. If you feel good about working certain hours/week, then my friend, this article is going to be an eye-opener for you.

What is Entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurship is building products that best fit the market and solves people’s problem.

What is “Entrepreneurship”?

Lately, I come to realize that motivation is vague. It’s completely useless and is empty words.

A few months back, I met a person. He is extremely engaged in what he does. That man is full of wisdom. He speaks rarely. Whenever he speaks, he spurts truth. I was intimately inspired by that man.

I asked him if he would mentor me. He said, “I won’t tell you what to do, I will tell you the truth. Henceforth, whatever I tell you is a lie for you to follow, and truth for you to realize sincerely”

I didn't understand what…

Motivation Chase is a non-starter | Anjal Binayak

Motivation is derived from the word ‘Motive’. Motive means desire, the need of an individual to go after something.

You are thirsty. Do you need the motivation to drink water? No, Because it is your need.

After drinking water, your body is hydrated. It feels good.

Remember, You don’t drink water because your body needs it. You drink it because you feel good after drinking water. You are satisfied.

The same is with the work you want to do but lack the motivation to do it.

Imagine, You are thirsty and you eat chocolate. How much does it help?


Today I saw a price chart of stock. That company had gone public for 20+ years. The interesting thing that I notice is going to sound completely baffling and it is just my hypothesis.

Note: I am not a Financial Advisor, No Debate is welcomed.

Over a course of 20 years, If you sum up all the ups and downs in the chart that is nearly zero.

That is when it struck me that. No matter you go short or long on a stock. Over the long run, you are going to make approximately a similar profit.

And I tried…

We humans, always need a story to tell ourselves. Fair Enough. If we don’t have a story, our heads will explode with overwhelming alienated feelings.

We have created different stories to tell ourselves from our creation to death and sometimes even the afterlife.

These stories turned out to be useful. Because nowhere in history have more than 150 sapiens formed groups and cooperated with each other. It's this myth, stories we were told, that we are capable of tolerating more than 150 people and cooperating with them.

To be precise. For people to be in a group. …

Uncomfortable is the state of being uneasy. On a biological level, it is something your brain has not yet determined the pattern of and is a low or none gratifying task in the short term.

Doing uncomfortable things can be non-gratifying or low gratifying in present. But in the long run, It makes us more confident, humble, and reliable.

Comfort Zone

The Comfort zone is the human’s greatest enemy. The Comfort zone means settling for what is. and not working for what can be. …

When nothing seems to help, I go and look at a stonecutter hammering away at his rock, perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred and first blow, it will split in two, and I know it was not that last blow that did it-but all that had gone before.

It is a personal growth blog. How come mathematics article showed up ?

Although Compounding is the buzzword of mathematics, accounting, It is the most efficient way of habit formation for personal growth. It is also very important to understand the power of compounding for growth in life both spiritually and career-wise.

How is compounding related to personal Growth?

Personal growth…

Journal is a book that records idea that take shape.

You are not your brain. You realize that thoughts pop in your head sometimes even when you don’t want to think about it. They are not in your control. Thoughts become action, action becomes habits and habits become nature.

Positive thoughts transform us and negative thoughts deform us. There is a quote saying “A deed is done when thought is planted”. What we allow to roam in the brain unknowingly affects our life.

Journaling is the process of shaping our thoughts. There is no specific framework for everyone about what…

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