10 Lessons From 10X Web Developer

I have 8+ years of experience in Web Development.

Here are the top 10 lessons I learned before becoming a 10X Web Developer

Pick a Framework

You can’t just write raw Javascript if you want to boost your productivity.

After learning the basics of Javascript.

Pick one among React, Angular or Vue, or others

My suggestion: React ( because Its easier to learn )

Avoid Shiny Objects

There are a lot of new frameworks being developed every day.

Trying it all means you are doomed to failure.

Do your research before choosing a framework.

Once you choose, stick to that

Build Projects

You can learn all the concepts,

and note all the methods but unless you build a project, your knowledge is 0.

There are so many important tiny details that can easily be forgotten if you don’t build projects.

Practise Clean Code

I can’t stress how important this is. Once you start to get your hands on a framework or a language.

Your main focus should be on writing clean codes.

Other developers should be able to read and understand the code you have written

Build Writing Habit

This is very crucial if you want to level up faster.

If you can explain in words what code you have written,

then I cannot explain in this thread how valuable you become

Web Development + Writing Skill = 500% growth

Humble yourself

It does not matter how much of a badass you think you are, there is always a bigger badass than you.

Stay humble or life will humble you

Always Remain A Student

You can never learn anything if you think you already know it.

There is always a new thing to learn, a new concept to master.

If you stop learning, you start stagnating.

Not Growing = Stagnating

Contribute to The Community

Always look for ways to contribute to the open source community,

try to answer questions in StackOverflow.

The more you provide value, the more you gain the trust of people.

Trust of people >>>>>>

Cold Outreach

Develop a habit of outreaching people. One Dm, Email can change your life.

You never know what opportunity you get unless you ask people.

If you never ask, the answer is always NO.

so ASK

Write Online

Always try to publish a blog post, Twitter thread, or a linked-in post.

Publishing online increases your credibility and builds authority in your domain.

If you implement and execute these advice consistently for 6 months, I assure you that you won’t regret.



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Anjal Binayak

Anjal Binayak

I write about Web Development and Startups 🏗